Can’t get all your gear into your car? Then a Roof Box might be your answer.

We carry all the best brands including Thule Excellence, Motion, Force, and Touring,  Yakima Skybox and Rocketbox and Rhino-Rack MasterFit models.

Roof boxes come in a range of sizes and capacities and the features can vary between brands and models. They do all offer an aerodynamic solution to carrying extra gear. You will need roof racks installed on your vehicle to use a roof box.

Some of the features to compare include:

  • Roof rack attachment - clamp or bolt-on. Clamp styles are more expensive however they are easier and quicker to take on and off your roof racks
  • Dual or single-sided opening for easy access to your gear
  • Latch and security - is the box lockable for security and easy to use with a lever or button opening system
  • Check the length of the roof box and ensure you are able to open your vehicle hatch/trunk with the box still attached

Unlike platforms or trays, roof boxes provide a degree of water and rain protection as well as flexibility in terms of what you can carry in them, for example, soft bags, suitcases, baby equipment (prams, strollers, portacots, highchairs) and sporting and outdoor equipment (tents, sleeping bags, ski’s). They may have some tie-down spots and straps included in the box. The size you choose will depend on the size of your roof as well as how much gear you need to carry and some boxes are more narrow and long, allowing you to share your roof racks with other accessories such as bike or water sport racks.

Some roof boxes offer a more specific function, such as Fishing Rod boxes and ski/snowboard holders.

If you are concerned about storing your roof box between uses, a Cargo Bag (such as Thule Go Bag) might be a better option for you. Cargo bags aren’t as big as a roof box but they can be folded up and stored away easier between uses. Cargo Bags are made of durable fabric but they aren’t as weather-resistant as a hard-cover roof box.