Want to get your SUP or Kayak to the water’s edge for a great day on the water? A water sport carrier can be the perfect option for getting your gear there. Here are some options:

Loader or Carrier?

There are great variances in price tags on water sport carriers but some do offer more than others.


  • Attach to your roof rack or platform system.
  • Cradle your Kayak/SUP/Canoe so that they are more secure and easier to tie down. 
  • Often having their own tie-down points for ease of use
  • May supply the tie-down straps in the package
  • May allow you to fit multiple vessels on your roof using an upright configuration
  • Some are vessel specific e.g. SUP carriers that allow you to carry multiple surfboards and Kayak carriers designed to gently cuddle the hull.


  • Great for heavier boats and canoes
  • Great if you are traveling solo and can’t lift the vessel on your own
  • Varying capabilities  - they might simply have inbuilt rollers to guide loading all the way to top of the range lift-assist models such as Yakima ShowDown and Thule Hullavator.


  • Roof rack pads for surfboards
  • Bow and stern tie-down straps
  • Oar-holders
  • Fishing rod holders

A note on safety - you should always secure your boats/kayaks/canoes/Surfboards with bow and stern straps/ropes.