Take your trips to a new level with a superior fit-out! The right accessories and cargo-carrying equipment could be the difference between the trip of a lifetime and a trip worth forgetting!

Roof Racks, Platforms, and Trays:

Racks, platforms, and trays allow you to take more gear, more securely.

There are heavy-duty Roof Rack options that are designed to carry heavier loads and may also come with integrated tie-down points making it easier to secure your load.  

Platforms can be installed directly onto the roof of a vehicle instead of roof racks. The advantage of this is mostly to keep the overall height down and less cost due to fewer parts.  This is most common for Dual Cab Utes and 4X4 Wagons. Platforms offer the most space for carrying large and heavy loads on your roof. 

Most platforms also have the option of installing side rails to increase load security and tie-down options, as well as specific accessory mounts great for off-road adventures such as High-lift jack holders, shovel holders, spare wheel holders,  jerry can holders Maxtrax holders and corner brackets for bulky items like cooler-boxes, eskies, and tubs. 

The best accessories:

There are loads of load-carrying accessories available to the keen camper or 4WD enthusiast. Here are our picks to get you going. 

High-Lift Jack Holder:

A High-lift Jack is a lifesaver when it comes to 4X4 recovery equipment, but they are heavy and bulky and you want to be able to access them easily when they are needed. If your High-lift jack is buried under gear in the trunk of your vehicle you might find it difficult to access. Using a Hi-lift Jack bracket on your Platform or Roof Racks will make accessing your jack easy when you need it to change a flat tyre or assist with your vehicles’ recovery. 

Maxx Trax Holders/Pins:

Just like the High-Lift Jack holder, keep accessories you need for vehicle recovery in a spot that is easy to access in a difficult situation. Maxtrax brackets allow you to get to your Maxtrax easily in an emergency.

Shovel Holders:

Shovels are another important piece of recovery equipment. Shovel Holder brackets on your roof racks or platforms and trays allow for convenient access and also keeps your dirty gear outside the vehicle’s cab.


Optimal vehicle lighting can help you keep out of sticky situations on and off-road. Check out our range of driving lights, light bars, and lighting brackets. 


Our range of awnings and awning brackets allow you to set up camp within minutes of reaching your destination. Whether that’s a day on the beach or a week in the bush. Awnings protect you from the harsh summer sun and a sudden torrential downpour. 


There are loads of brackets, holders, and rollers to help you load your gear on your platform or roof racks. Carrying your gear on your roof allows you to keep some of the more bulky and awkwardly shaped items out of the cab of your vehicle out of the way until you need to use them. Some of our favourites include gas bottle holders, jerry can holders, additional tie-down points, and corner brackets for tubs and cooler-boxes.